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FREE Service for Singles
Here in The Villages

Thanks to Joe Taibi for passing along information about this valuable and FREE service.

My friend, Bev, makes use of a free Villages service which checks up on people who live here. They do this on the telephone on a daily basis at the same time of day. This is a fantastic service for those who live alone, especially the ones with no relatives near by or for those who are care tenders. If you know anyone who might need this service, you might want to pass this on. This was her response when I asked her about this.

The program is offered through The Villages Community Watch and is open to anyone in the Villages who lives alone

You go to the Glenview Community Watch office (across from Glenview Country Club Restaurant parking lot, sign is on the building) and sign up in person. 

It is terrific! I told them I would not be here for a week last July when I went up for the birth of the twins, and they must have lost their notes because they called my son in St. Louis looking for me. They call me the same time every morning and are so nice. It is a free service, by the way. I tell everyone in our Alz group meetings because they are almost alone. One of the men in the group signed up (his wife is in a nursing home and he had a stroke). He is very happy with the service also. Feel free to pass the info along.  BEV