Driving Roundabouts
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How to Drive the Roundabouts

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Thanks to Bev Minnerly and Larry Recla for passing the following information along.

It would be nice if this video were required for every owner, renter, the lifestyle people, snowbirds, etc. to understand this important part of our neighborhood driving.

Bev Minnerly

The instructor of a driving class for seniors here in The Villages gave out the address of a website about driving roundabouts that people could view. It is an excellent  6 − 7 minute video that everyone could benefit from watching. It was produced in Washington State, but applies to roundabouts here in Florida as well. The Florida Department of Transportation website has the same instructions in print, but this video makes it so much easier to understand. Click on Rules of the Road for Driving Roundabouts. It may take some time to download, but it is worth the wait.

Another great website about driving roundabouts comes out of Arizona's Department of Transportation, which tells us the reason behind and benefits of roundabouts, explains the SLOW acronym that provides an easy way to remember the guidelines for driving them, and is filled with other easy to understand information. It also provides an excellent Users Guide that includes the following animations:

  • Choosing the proper lane.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • What to do when encountering emergency vehicles.
  • Using the truck apron for large vehicles.
  • Improper lane change results in crash.
  • Wrong assumption leads to crash.

Sumter County
has adopted the Florida State guidelines. Copies of the regulations and guidelines are available at the Sumter County annex and the Sheriffs Office at the annex, as well as at the District Customer Service office on Wedgewood Lane. Click on Sumter County Roundabout Brochure for the information found on the District website www.districtgov.org.

More Detailed

Florida Department of Transportation Roundabout Guide & Brochure

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