Deed Compliance - RVs & Campers
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Deed Compliance RVs & Campers

Dear Lynnhaven Neighbors,

During recent months, I have received several inquiries regarding the Deed Compliance Rules pertaining to RVs and Campers being parked in neighborhood driveways. This morning at the District #5 Board of Supervisors Meeting, this subject was discussed in great detail which I would like to share with my friends and neighbors here in Lynnhaven. 

The rules regarding RVs and Campers have always been fairly liberal. Those who own these types of vehicles are given 72 hours, during which they may load and unload them before moving them to their prearranged storage areas. Needless to say, as with any rule, there are always those unique individuals who try to take advantage of the situation. The amount of time given to load and unload is a courtesy. It is not intended to be used as a way to avoid paying for storage. In other words, it was not extended so you could park in your driveway for 3 days, leave for one night, and then park another 3 days, week after week. Yet this is exactly what a resident was doing.

This morning, as required under due process of law, a hearing was held and the resident in District 5 was unanimously found in violation of District Deed Compliance with regard to parking an RV in their driveway. After numerous notices and warnings were issued and ignored, it became a Recurring Violation. Therefore, this morning as District Chairman, I signed and executed an Order of Enforcement effective immediately. This means the Board of Supervisors, without prior notice, may impose a $150 to $500 fine per day until the vehicle is removed and the property is brought into compliance. If the fines are not paid, once they reach $1,500, the case will then be turned over to District Council, which includes a lawsuit seeking an injunction and lien against the owner, in addition to placing a lien on the property. I fully realize that to some of you this may sound rather harsh. However, to those of you that own recreational vehicles and store them offsite as required, this is the fair and right thing to do. You follow the rules and so should your neighbors.

Due process can take time, so thank you for your patience in giving us the time to correct this situation. I also would like to say thank you those who had the courage to stand up and voice their complaints. I know that was not an easy thing to do, and you deserve the respect of all your neighbors in helping to maintain our high standards here in the Village of Lynnhaven.


Gary Kadow, Chairman

Board of Supervisors
VCDD District #5

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