Scammers Cashing in on Ukraine Crisis
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Scammers Cashing in on the Ukraine Crisis
     Charity Navigator Rates Legitimate Nonprofits

          Allows You To Safely Give to Charities

     How To Help Ukrainians

Scammers Cashing In On Ukraine Crisis

Sadly, the scammers have shifted into hyper-drive to take advantage of people wanting to help Ukrainians and refugees during this world crisis, and many of us have already thrown money into that black hole. I've already provided information to prevent you from being scammed, which also included charities already verified by the TODAY show, NPR, and The Washington Post. Yet residents are still tossing their money into the pockets of authentic-looking/sounding scammers purporting to be raising money for the relief effort.

Charity Navigator Rates Legitimate Nonprofits

Charity Navigator, which rates legitimate, fiscally efficient and accountable nonprofit charities, has a page on their site dedicated to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. Here you will find highly-rated charities involved in humanitarian relief, recovery and peace-building efforts, with 3 & 4-star ratings (max. is 4 stars), categorized under medical services, medical supplies, non-medical supplies (e.g., food, water, sanitation, and hygiene), emergency housing, long-term assistance, other (e.g., cash/cash vouchers, logistic supply, animals), with many nonprofits overlapping into multiple categories. Click on the name of a highly-rated nonprofit to see how the charity was scored, with details about how the charity uses your donation.

Allows You To Safely Give to Charities

You can also donate to your selected charity or multiple charities through its Giving Basket page to make your giving easier, safer, and more impactful.

How to Help Ukrainians

Want to help Ukraine and provide Ukrainian refuge relief? As with any crisis, the scammers come out in droves, set up fake charities that look and sound authentic to trick you into sending your money to them instead of a real organization that is helping. The FTC provides some guidelines for making sure your money goes where you want it to go... to do some good. To help us decide, the TODAY show verified 7 charities working to help Ukrainians, NPR identified 9 charities, and The Washington Post identified 13.

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