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Bulletin Board
Crime Watch
Useful Information
Lynnhaven Neighbors

Lynnhaven Ladies
Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club

Bulletin Board  
     'Tis the Season (to not get hacked!) Provided by Michael Lines
     Golf Cart Towing with AAA Provided by Sally Inderwish
     7 Tips for Driving with Your Dog Provided by Ashley Grader
          Solutions for Seniors Traveling Solo
          Destinations for Travelers Over 60
          Preserving Your Health When Traveling
          Travel Insurance for Seniors

Passed along by
Sophia Green
Passed along by Sophia Green
Passed along by
Sophia Green
Passed along by
Sophia Green
     The Landscape Garden Club
          Summertime Tips for Your Garden
          Hanging Baskets
Passed along by Nancy King
Provided by Nancy King
     Veterans with Disabilities Funding Home Modifications Passed along by David Lafferty
     Arrange After Garage Sale Pickup Passed along by Ellen Conner
     Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance Provided by Marion Getzes
     Urgent Care Passed along by Carole Hannigan
     Petfinder website
     The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption
Passed along by Suzie Cyr
Passed along by Suzie Cyr
     Pet Friendly Travel Guide Passed along by Tessie Hargrove
     Home Remedies for a Sick Dog Provided by Veronica Kannen
     Ask AAHA: Animal Health Information Passed  along by Ashley Grader
     Parents In the Home Support Group Provided by Marion Getzes
The Marketplace
     Free ad in the Ocala Star Banner

Passed along by Marcia & Bob Cochran
Passed along by Karran Dagon, Peg Tabor, Joe Taibi & John Manion
Crime Watch  
    How to Spot Phone Scams: The Ultimate Guide Passed along by Debbie Reynolds
    Tech Support Phone Scams Provided by Michael Lines & AARP's Fraud Watch
    Watch Out for Fake Security Updates Provided by Microsoft Security for Home Computer Users as a monthly newsletter. Passed along by Ron Kalmin
Useful Information  
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home Passed along by Maria Villeza
     Making the Move to Assisted Living Passed along by Susan Williams
     Home Modification Self-Help Guide Passed along by Richard Wright
     Home Modification Programs from the VA Passed along by Richard Wright
     Guide to Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones
     20 Home Modifications for People with Vision Loss
     Using Color & Contrast
Passed along by Steve Johnson
Passed along by Steve Johnson
Passed along by Steve Johnson
     Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance Provided by Marion Getzes
     Driving Roundabouts Passed along by Bev Minnerly & Larry Recla
     Navigating Golf Cart Trails Passed along by Joe Taibi
          Recycling Eyeglasses
Provided by Diane Dellatore & Roxann Murray
Jim Yates
of the Sumter Landing Lions Club
Provided by Marion Getzes
     FREE Service to Singles in The Villages Passed along by Joe Taibi & Jim Inderwish

Clubs & Organizations
  Lynnhaven Neighbors
          Event Information
          Event Surveys & Feedback

Provided by Ann Lewe, Ellen Conner & Ralph Helwig
Provided by Ralph Helwig

  Lynnhaven Ladies
          Update on Wildwood Food Pantry
          Wildwood Food Pantry

Provided by Don Huggins
Provided by Cindy South & Don Huggins
          Operation Shoebox
Provided by Audrey Witt & Marie Brady
  Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club  
          Upcoming Books in 2019 & 2020
Provided by Peg Tabor

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