Florida's Construction Lien Law
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Protect Yourself from Contractors

This information may be helpful to anyone planning a contracted project. The Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DPPR) is working with the Florida Association of Counties to ask county governments to join us in protecting our Florida homeowners who hire contractors for work costing more than $2,500. One of our consumers had a lien put on her home because a licensed contractor failed to pay subcontractors.

Of course, you can file a complaint with the Department so we can investigate the contractor (too late), but we can prevent this type of situation in the first place. Many consumers aren't aware of A Waiver or Release of Lien, which is a document that consumers can obtain to release them from liability if a contractor fails to pay suppliers or subcontractors. It's a written statement that removes property from the threat of a lien, and consumers should always get information on it from local building departments, when filing a notice of commencement.

Be smart, call about or check for this information on Florida's Construction Lien Law or ask your county administrators and public information officers for advice and direction.

 John Manion

See The 2008 Florida Statutes for more information
Important Definitions in Construction Lien Law
Waiver of Lien Form
Release of Lien Form
Notice of Commencement
To Verify that a Contractor is Licensed

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