Conner Halloween Party
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The Conners Go All Out for Halloween
Pictures by Marcia & Bob Cochran and Barb Kalmin

Ellen & Keith Conner hosted their 8th annual Trick or Drink Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 31st. The Wilson Way neighbors are close-knit, getting together each month for a party at one of their houses. Halloween is one of the Conners' favorite holidays and Keith & Ellen picked Halloween as their month to host, doing it for eight years now. And, Keith goes all out to decorate for the fun event, decorating the outside as well as inside. Neighbors gathered about 6:00 p.m. to eat and drink, and by evening's end, his outside decorations glowed.

Keith decorated his golf cart with a macabre driver and parked it in the font yard, along with spiders, ghosts, bats, cats, pumpkins, and the grim reaper. A motion-activated witch greeted everyone at the door, scaring the wits out of them if they didn't expect her to suddenly light up and let out a wicked laugh. Hopefully, no one dropped the dish they'd brought. Everyone brought a small dessert or appetizer in keeping with the holiday... eyeballs, fingers, or whatever struck their fancy... to the party and/or a beverage to add to the bar.

Halloween costumes were optional, but most wore the Halloween colors of orange and/or black, and some pulled out the Halloween shirts that they'd gotten from Bealls in years past. Jim Selock really stood out as a prisoner, complete with ball and chain. He also wore a sign: Just Married with the date he and Judy were married, with Inmate FL# 08-02-80 on the flip side.

Inside of the house was decorated with light-up and chattering sculls, witches, skeletons, ghost robots, and more. They even had a motion-activated snack dish where a boney hand came down as you reached for an M & M. Yikes! In addition to Halloween table covers for the food table, Ellen brought out her black spider web shawl to add spookiness to the table.

As the party wound down, neighbors gathered their empty serving dishes or shared what was left with others as they prepared to head back home. That's when Keith's handiwork came to life for a special treat of lights and spooky figures, sending everyone on their way.

Another successful Conner Halloween Party....

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