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About This Website
      Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

Portrait of a Bride, An Evolving Silhouette to benefit Angel Snugs™ — New

Ruth Stoltzfus Needs Our Prayers — Updated
Use Caution — Snakes Around — New

Estate Sale — Shower Chair (missing part found)
Neighborhood Garage Sale
— Hurry & sign up! If more people don't sign up, the ad will be very small.
Order Mahj Cards for 2019

Ladies Book Club — 1st Thursday of the month
Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman & Paul Clark Newell, Jr.
October's Discussion — The Letter — New
Books We'll Be Reading in 2019 — Two months & books still need to be taken. — Updated
     Join the Book Movement Book Club Page
Websites for Readers

     Books for Children Fund

Lynnhaven Ladies — 2nd Thursday of the month
The Tr-r-raveling Circus in November — New

Trip to International Plaza & Bay Street or Historic Ybor City — A few seats still available. Open to guests.
Christmas/Holiday Luncheon in December — Reserve your seat now. Guests welcome.
October — The Awesome Clark Barrios — New
Coming Up in 2018
Do YOU have a Program or Trip to Suggest?

     Membership in Lynnhaven Ladies
— Marion Getzes is currently accepting dues for 2019.
The Club supports...
          Helping Hands — Women helping Women

          Wildwood Food Pantry
          Operation Shoebox

     Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2017 & 2018

Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2019 & 2020 — Accepted by the membership at the October meeting.

Council Positions
The Club's Purpose & By-Laws


Lynnhaven Neighbors — Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month
Horse Races, KFC & Potluck in November — New
September — Mike Palma & All American Picnic
           Survey Results — Mike Palma & All American Picnic — New
Events in 2018
Sneak Peek at 2019
Have an Idea for an Event?
     Membership — Barb Hartmann is currently accepting dues for 2019.
What do Your Dues Provide and Support?
FREE Computer Service to Members
FREE Lynnhaven Directory to Members

     Lynnhaven Neighbors By-Laws
          Monthly Socials
          Golf Events

     Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2018 — The club still needs an Events Coordinator. Won't you volunteer?
           At-Large Members
           Treasurer & Account


     Welcome Letter — Please print and share when you see a new neighbor move in!

Master Gardeners
     Plant Clinic — Every Monday

     Speaker Series: Cold Tolerant Plants vs. Cold Protection
4th Tuesday Talks — THIS Tuesday, October 23rd
4th Thursday Talk — THIS Thursday, October 25th
Get The Gardeners Journal

Mt. Dora Lions Club
     Invite — Lions Club of Mt. Dora Meeting — THIS Tuesday, October 23rd
     58th Annual Mt. Dora Christmas Parade

New Vision for Independence (VIP)
Please Make a Donation
     Blind & Beyond Radio
     Tips for Preserving your Vision
     Shop AmazonSmile & Support New Vision
     Support New Vision When Renewing Your Tags
     For the Visually Impaired:
The Villages Support Group

          Call-in Support Group
          Free Independent Living Classes
              New Training Workshops

  Lost & Found — Click on link to see ALL items, lost or found.
Lost — Bifocals Lost at Lynnhaven Ladies — New
Found — Postal Keys & Rewards Cards

Special Requests — Can you help? — Click on link to see ALL requests for help or recommendations.
Two 30" Bar Stools Wanted... Can you help?
Dog Watcher In Our Home Needed

The Marketplace — Click on link to see ALL that is advertised.       
     Golf Carts
          Electric Club Car for Sale — New

     Where to Look for Rentals
     Available Rentals — Click on link to see ALL available rentals listed.

Crime Watch — Click on link to see ALL potential threats.
     AARP Fraud Watch
Special Alert: 3 Things to Protect Your Information From Scammers — New
How Cyber Secure are You? — New
New Law Makes Credit Freezes Free
Fake Veteran Charities
          Scammers Targeting Medicare Beneficiaries

          Scammers Going After Social Security Benefits
Tech Support Scams

     FTC Consumer Scam Alerts
Facebook Breach: What to Do Next — New
Verifying a Hurricane Relief Charity
Avoid Charity Scams
Social Security Number Suspended Scam
          Internet Business-coaching Scheme Target Seniors & Vets
          Avoiding Imposter Scams (Video)     
          How to Recognize a Government Imposter Scam
          Tech Support Imposter Scams
(w/ Video)
               How to Spot a Tech Support Scam

          Protecting Yourself from Phishing Texts & Emails         
How Email Phishing Works

      FBI E-scams & Warnings
           Cyber Crime — What We Investigate
           Internet Fraud
           Internet Crime Prevention Tips   

You & Your Computer
     How to Copy an Email Address
     How to Save a Picture from the Website
     Create a File to Hold Pictures You Save
          Save a Picture for Yourself
          To View the Picture You Saved
          To Send the Picture to Family & Friends
     How to Copy & Paste Text or Pictures

Useful Information — Click on link to see ALL information listed.
Florida's Consumer eNewsletter for September

     Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's
     Charity Scams After a Hurricane

     Preventing Falls at Home
     Most Common In-home Injuries for Seniors
     Home Fire Safety Checklist
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home
Seniors & Sleep Problems
          A Need-to-Know Sleep Guide for Seniors
     Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance
Depression in Older Adults

     Making the Move to Assisted Living
     Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities
Senior Care Costs: How to Cover Life Transitions
     Door-to-Door Sales Warning
     Do Not Call Registry, Filing a Complaint & Blocking Services
Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
Urgent Care Offices in Our Area

               Emergency Rooms

Useful Internet Links — Click on link to see ALL information in this section.
Medical Information Websites
     Wrong Diagnosis
     Health eNotes
     Prescription Drugs


     Mesothelioma Guide

Mesothelioma & Veterans
Addiction Resource: Seniors & Drug Abuse
           FL Addiction Treatment Centers: Understanding It
          Top Florida Recovery Centers:
Reviews & Ratings

          American Addiction Centers

The Recovery Village®: FL Substance Abuse Resources
Too Old to Quit? Seniors & Smoking
     Traveling with Your Pet
Pet Friendly Travel Guide — New

Services Recommended by Residents — Always check for the latest rate and get a quote ahead of time. — The Dooleys recommend D&M Appliance Repair and Deming Enterprises for carpet & upholstery cleaning.



Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

  Please note that the website/newsletter is published on Friday nights.
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