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Lynnhaven Bulletin Board

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About This Website
      Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

Beds-in-Bags for Kids Urgently Needed

Outdoor Craft Sale New
Online Silent Auction going on NOW. New

The Celtic Village Show Band is Performing
Beating Post-election Stress

District Weekly Bulletin (updated 11/26/2020) New
Closures & Reopenings Updated

News Around Lynnhaven
Outdoor Craft Sale New
Prayers Still Needed by the Stewarts Please keep those prayers coming.
Sad News Mike Yander has Passed.
More Sad News Jim Moran has Passed.

AED Programs in Lynnhaven:
            Lynnhaven South (Livingston Loop & Evelynton Loop)
Lynnhaven WATD (Wilson Way, Alcott, Tatum, Due West) AED Program Due to COVID-19, fewer CPR/AED volunteers available.

 Ladies Book Club 1st Thursday of the month
     Morning w/ Local Authors in December THIS Thursday, December 3rd.
Books We'll Be Reading in 2021 Two books and months remain.

November The Library Book

Things Book Lovers Do (Just for smiles.)
     Pandemic Reading List

     Books We Read in 2020
         Books for Children Fund
              Accepting Donations HURRY! Last day for donating is THIS Wednesday, December 2nd.

Lynnhaven Ladies 2nd Thursday of the month
A Letter from Ann
Donations to our Charities

Christmas/Holiday Luncheon Cancelled

Thank You, Lynnhaven Ladies!
    Coming Up in 2020
          Do YOU have a Program or Trip to Suggest?

Membership in Lynnhaven Ladies Marion Getzes is accepting dues for 2021 until the end of the year.
The Club supports...
          Helping Hands Women helping Women
          Wildwood Food Pantry
          Operation Shoebox

Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2019 & 2020

Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2021 & 2022
The Club's Purpose & By-Laws


Lynnhaven Neighbors Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month
     Letter to Lynnhaven Neighbors Members
     Proposed Events in 2021
          Have an Idea or Entertainment to suggest?
     Membership Dues for 2020/2021 See Letter to Lynnhaven Neighbors Members.
          What Do Your Dues Provide and Support?
               FREE Computer Service to Members
Club Donations to Help During the Covid-19 Pandemic

     Coming Up in 2020
February Haulin' Notes & Subs
Christmas/Holiday Event Cancelled

     Lynnhaven Neighbors Council
People to Take Over Hospitality Needed
About the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council
                    Lynnhaven Neighbors By-Laws
                Monthly Socials

Welcome Letter for New Neighbors (Click on link to open letter.) Please print & share when you see a new neighbor move in!

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information Updated
The Lighter Side of Wearing Masks (Disney Animation)
     What You Should Do
If You Test Positive?
     Latest on COVID-19 in  November  Updated

          Latex Glove Manufacturer Closing Plants  New
          Shortage of Specialists
 to Use Ventilators New
Cherokee Nation Controlled COVID-19 New
Drug Companies Warn of Vaccine Side Effects New
          Essential & Critical infrastructure Workforce New
          This Week's Statistics
Florida Department of Health's dashboard Updated
Florida's COVID-19 Action dashboard Updated

          Shortage of Surgical Gloves as Cases Surge Again New
          CDC Urges You to Say Home this Thanksgiving New
          What emergency approval of a vaccine mean? New
          Masks Still Needed After You Get the Vaccine New
          Delirium May Be a Sign of COVID-19 in the Elderly New
          Patients Dying of COVID-19 Refusing to Believe It New
          Doctor Got Virus and Urges People to Wear Masks New
          This Week's Statistics
Florida Department of Health's dashboard Updated
Florida's COVID-19 Action dashboard Updated
          COVID-19 Risk Assessment Travel Planning Tool
          Almost 2,000 Marines & Asymptomatic Spread
          Holiday Celebrations & Small Gatherings
          Woman Shed the Virus for 70 Days
          COVID-19 Patients & Psychiatric Disorders
          9% of Hospitalized Patients Readmitted
          This Week's Statistics
Florida Department of Health's dashboard
Florida's COVID-19 Action dashboard
          U.S. Shattered Records for New Cases This Week
          Worst Hit Regions Still Resist Wearing Masks
          The Psychology Behind Not Wearing Masks
          Healthcare Workers the First to Get the Vaccine
          DE's Mask/Stay-home Orders Suppressed Spread
         This Week's Statistics
Florida Department of Health's dashboard
Florida's COVID-19 Action dashboard
     Latest on COVID-19 in October
     Latest on COVID-19 in September
     Latest on COVID-19 in August
   Latest on COVID-19 in July
Latest on COVID-19 in June
Latest on COVID-19 in May
Latest on COVID-19 in April
Latest on COVID-19 in March


Lost & Found Click on link to see ALL items, lost or found.
Mailbox Keys Left Behind
The Villages Lost & Found
Lost or Found Pet

Special Requests Can you help? Click on link to see ALL requests for help or recommendations.
Beds-in-Bags for Kids Urgently Needed
Used & Clean Mascara Brushes Being Collected

The Marketplace Click on link to see ALL that is advertised.
          Computer Monitor, Keyboard &/or Mouse
     Furniture & Home Decor
          Furniture, Linens & Home Decor
          Order Your Mah Jongg Cards for 2021
          Porcelain Tile
          Fostoria Crystal Punch Bowl Set
Kirby Vacuum & Attachments
     Bicycles & Golf Carts
Atomic Golf Cart

Where to Look for Rentals
     Rentals Available Click on link to see ALL available rentals listed.
Two 2/2 Patio Villas Available Nov, Dec & Jan
2/2 Patio Villa Available for Long-term Rental
          Southern Oaks Villa Available June 1st

Useful Information
Click on link to see ALL information listed.
Florida Consumer eNewsletter for November
District Weekly Bulletin (updated 11/26/2020) New

Face Masks & Making Your Own
Home-made Sanitizers & Disinfectants
    How Long Do Coronaviruses Live on Surfaces? (Click on chart on the right.)
13 Coronavirus Myths Busted by Science
      Golf Cart Towing If You Have AAA    
Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home
Making the Move to Assisted Living  
Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
          Recycling Drop-Off Points

          Recycling Old Phonebooks
     7 Tips for Driving with Your Dog

Crime Watch Click on link to see ALL potential threats.Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Consumer eNewsletter for November
Medicare Fraud Using COVID-19
     Google Android Apps Stealing Your Data
     August Florida Consumer eNewsletter
     AARP Fraud Watch

Tech Support Scams
FREE Credit Freezes

     FTC Consumer Scam Alerts
           More Warnings Scam Coronavirus Treatments
           Arrest in a Multimillion Dollar COVID-19 Scheme
           Scammers are using COVID-19 messages to scam people
           Grandparent scams in the age of Coronavirus
           Warnings sent to sellers of Coronavirus treatment scams
           Coronavirus scams, Part 2
FBI Alerts & Warnings

           FBI Press Room

           Various Methods That Defraud Elderly Victims
           Cyber Actors Exploit "Secure" Websites

Internet Crime Schemes
Internet Crime Prevention Tips


Useful Internet Links Click on link to see ALL information in this section.
Weather Websites
Local Websites & News
     Federal Websites
          Introduction to the Bill of Rights... and more
     State Websites
     Medical Information Websites
          Wrong Diagnosis
          Prescription Drugs


You & Your Computer
How to Copy an Email Address
      How to Save a Picture from the Website
      How to Copy & Paste Text or Pictures

Services Recommended by Residents


  The Landscape Garden Club No Meeting in December. Have a happy holiday season and new year.
     Plant Exchange and Q & A
A Message from Kyle New
  New Vision for Independence (VIP) For the visually impaired & their caregivers.
New Vision News

     Please Donate to New Vision

          Shop AmazonSmile & Support New Vision
Please Support New Vision When Renewing Your Tags or State ID
How We Are Adapting in the Age of COVID-19
Dining in the Dark at a Distance!
Weekly Meetings for the Visually Impaired
     New Vision News
     New Vision Website

     Blind & Beyond Radio



Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

  Please note that the website/newsletter is published on Friday nights.
If you'd like something published on the website, you must have it to me
no later than Wednesday