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Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

Lynnhaven Pool Refurbished New

Tips for Shopping at Outlet Stores New
Shopping Tips Anywhere New
Shopping Online

Mystery shop 'til you drop? Not so fast New
Mystery Shopper Scams New

Donations of Yarn Needed New
Rental for April May 2020 Wanted New

Rosemary Finnerty Needs Our Prayers New
Sad News Kimmy Nolan

Frank Ferraro Turns 90
The Lynnhaven AED Program

It is Hurricane Season. Are You Ready?
Hurricane Preparedness FL's CFO
     AARP's Have a
"Go Bag" Ready

Disaster Preparedness for Pets
     Pet-friendly Hurricane Shelters

Solutions for Seniors Traveling Solo
     Destinations for Travelers Over 60
     Preserving Your Health When Traveling
     Travel Insurance for Seniors
Pet Friendly Travel Guide
     Traveling with Your Pet

     PetSmart's Summer Travel w/ Pets
Safe Travel Tips w/ Your Dog


Ladies Book Club 1st Thursday of the month
     Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson in August
Books We'll Be Reading in 2019

     Join Peg's Book Movement Book Club Page
     Books for Children Fund
     50 Books A Child Should Read Before Kindergarten
Websites for Readers


Lynnhaven Neighbors Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month
     Bocce Golf & Pizza Party in August Updated
          Sign Up Form Signup starts on Friday, July 26th.
Golf Scramble & Picnic Menu w/ Sounds of Time in September  Volunteers needed.
May 9-Hole Golf Scramble
     May Oakwood w/ Bill Board & The Headliners
Survey Results Golf Scramble, Dinner & Entertainment

Events in 2019
Have an Idea for an Event or Entertainment?
     Membership Barb Hartmann accepting dues for 2019.
What do Your Dues Provide and Support?
FREE Computer Service to Members
FREE Lynnhaven Directory to Members

     Lynnhaven Neighbors By-Laws
          Monthly Socials
          Golf Events

     Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2019
Welcome Letter Please print and share when you see a new neighbor move in!

Lynnhaven Ladies 2nd Thursday of the month
No meeting in July or August.

     The Cloggers in September
     Trip to HSN Outlet & Mazzaro's Italian Market
June Wild Card Bingo & Ice Cream Social
Coming Up in 2019
Have an Idea for an Event or Trip?
Membership in Lynnhaven Ladies Marion Getzes is accepting dues for 2019.
The Club supports...
          Helping Hands Women helping Women

          Wildwood Food Pantry

          Operation Shoebox

     Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2019 & 2020
            Council Positions
The Club's Purpose & By-Laws

The Landscape Garden Club
No Meeting Until September.
     Summertime Tips for
Hanging Baskets

New Vision for Independence (VIP) For the visually impaired & their caregivers.
New Vision News (Latest Issue)

Please Donate to New Vision

          Shop AmazonSmile & Support New Vision
          Support New Vision When Renewing Your Tags       

Using Contrast & Color for those w/ Low Vision
    20 Home Modifications for People w/ Vision Loss
     Take the EyeOpener Tour
     Blind & Beyond Radio
     For the Visually Impaired:
The Villages Support Group

           Call-in Support Group
           Free Independent Living Classes
           Training Workshops

  Lost & Found Click on link to see ALL items, lost or found.
Bicycle Tool Kit Lost
     Special Ear Plug Lost
The Villages Lost & Found
Lost or Found Pet

Special Requests Can you help? Click on link to see ALL requests for help or recommendations.
Audiologist & Hearing Aid Recommendations Needed New
Used & Clean Mascara Brushes Being Collected
Empty Prescription Bottles Being Collected

The Marketplace Click on link to see ALL that is advertised.       
Shower Grab Bars
Wheel Chair Ramp
          Decking in Shower & Ramp
          Two Computer Monitors

          eSpring Water Purifier
          Travel Pet "Snoozer" for Sale

     Rental for April May 2020 Wanted
     Where to Look for Rentals
     Available Rentals Click on link to see ALL available rentals listed.
          Chester Court Villa w/ Golf Cart Available
          Blake Lane Villa w/ Golf Cart Available
          Southern Oaks Villa Available June 1st
          2/2 Patio Villa Available Starting May 1st

Useful Information Click on link to see ALL information listed.
How to Recognize a Robocall
     4 Ways to Freeze Out Robocalls

Florida Consumer eNewsletter (Latest Issue)
     Sleep and Aging: Sleep Guide for Seniors
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home

     Home Modification Self-Help Guide
         Guide to Repairs for Easy Accessibility for the Disabled
          SAH Grant from VA for Home Modifications
          20 Home Modifications for People with Vision Loss
Senior Care Costs: How to Cover Life Transitions
     Making the Move to Assisted Living
     Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance
Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
Urgent Care Offices in Our Area

               Emergency Rooms

          Recycling Drop-Off Points

          Recycling Old Phonebooks

Useful Internet Links Click on link to see ALL information in this section.
     Solutions for Seniors Traveling Solo
     Destinations for Travelers Over 60
     Preserving Your Health When Traveling
     Travel Insurance for Seniors
     Traveling with Your Pet
     Pet Friendly Travel Guide

Calculators & Converters
Medical Information Websites
     Wrong Diagnosis
     Prescription Drugs

Crime Watch Click on link to see ALL potential threats.
     Florida Consumer eNewsletter (Latest Issue)
     Financial Scammers Target People With Early Dementia
     AARP Fraud Watch
          How to Recognize a Robocall
          4 Ways to Freeze Out Robocalls
          7 Behaviors That Can Make You a Target for Scammers

3 Things to Protect Your Information From Scammers
How Cyber Secure are You?
New Law Makes Credit Freezes Free
Tech Support Scams

     FTC Consumer Scam Alerts
Mystery shop 'til you drop? Not so fast New
Mystery Shopper Scams New
          Update Your Software Now
          Social Security Number Suspended Scam
               What a Social Security scam sounds like
          Keep Tech Support Strangers Out of Computer (Video)
               Tech Support Imposter Scams (w/ Video)
                    How to Spot a Tech Support Scam

Fake emails, texts, phone calls (Phishing): Don't Take the Bait

E-scams & Warnings
           Cyber Crime What We Investigate
           Common Fraud Schemes
Scams & Safety On the Internet
           Internet Fraud
           Internet Crime Prevention Tips 

You & Your Computer
     Update Your Software Now
How to Copy an Email Address
     How to Save a Picture from the Website
     Create a File to Hold Pictures You Save
          Save a Picture for Yourself
          To View the Picture You Saved
          To Send the Picture to Family & Friends
     How to Copy & Paste Text or Pictures

Services Recommended by Residents





Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

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