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      Submission for Publication Deadline

Lynnhaven at-a-glance Calendar for November Updated
Lynnhaven at-a-glance Calendar for December New

     Charity Chicks Holding a Walk-A-Thon in honor of Marilyn Hetzer & John Grace John & Marilyn thank everyone for their support.
Pictures from the Walk-A-Thon New
 Marilyn Hetzer Needs Our Prayers
      John Grace, too
Mike Murray Needs Our Prayers

     Lorraine DeGenova's Mother Has Passed
     Package Delivery Scam New

      Ann Lewe Celebrates her XX Birthday & Goes Big
Joan Hartung's Grandson Involved in Underwater Drones
Friends of The Villages Library's Year-end Warehouse Clearance Sale THIS Weds. & Thurs., Nov. 29th & 30th
     Friends of Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Distributing Christmas Cards
Florida Consumer eNewsletter for October
Cyper Security

Mt. Dora Christmas Parade
Mahj Cards for 2018
Free CERT CPR/AED Training

Coyote Sightings
Pet Snatched by Coyote in Tall Trees

     Brain Mapping Study Volunteers needed for Clinical Research.

Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club 1st Thursday of the month

Morning with
Local Authors, Holiday Luncheon & Secret Santa in December Let Peg know if you'll be attending.
November Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
Books We'll Be Reading in 2018
Months Remaining: May, July, August, October & November Please pick a book and a month and if no one has beaten you to it, you get them.
           Books Needing a Discussion Leader
Books for Children Fund

Lynnhaven Ladies 2nd Thursday of the month

Annual Christmas/Holiday Luncheon Make your reservation TODAY!
Bus Trip to the Christmas Tree Shops & Altamonte Mall New
November Sue Ann Baker of the Secret Service New
          Veteran's Day Poem

Do YOU have a Program or Trip to Suggest?
in Lynnhaven Ladies Marion is accepting dues for 2018.
      The Club Supports...
         Helping Hands Women Helping Women

           Wildwood Food Pantry 

           Operation Shoebox

     Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2017 & 2018
The Club's Purpose & By-Law

Lynnhaven Neighbors Usually 3rd Friday of the month
Christmas/Holiday Party
in December
HURRY and make your reservation. The DEADLINE is Friday, December 1st!
Announcement Council for 2018... and Volunteers Needed New
 Survey for
Gee Whiz Trivia event If you attended and haven't taken the survey yet, please do that now. Thank you. New
October Christine Joyce Show
            Survey Results for Christine Joyce in October
Membership in Lynnhaven Neighbors Dues for 2018 are currently being accepted.
      What do Your Dues Provide and Support?   
FREE Computer Service to Members

FREE Lynnhaven Directory to Members

Coming Attractions for 2018 New
Looking Back at 2017
               Golfing Events of 2017
What do Your Dues Provide and Support?   
FREE Computer Service to Members

FREE Lynnhaven Directory to Members
Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2017
      The Club's Policies

Master Gardeners

     Plant Clinic
Every Monday

Speaker Series
Talks ended until after the holidays.

New Vision for Independence (VIP)
 Annual Luncheon Tickets on Sale to Benefit Visually Impaired New
Latest Issue of New Vision News
     Donations Needed for VIP Programs
     Take the EyeOpener Tour
     Shop AmazonSmile & Support VIP
     Support New Vision When Renewing Your Tags
     For the Visually Impaired:
The Villages Support Group
           Fun & Games for the Visually Impaired
           Call-in Support Group
Free Independent Living Classes


Lost & Found Click on link to see ALL items, lost or found.

Special Requests Can You Help? Click on link to see ALL requests for help or advice.
Lift Chair Urgently Needed New

The Marketplace Click on link to see ALL that is advertised.
     Furniture & Home Decor

Bushnell Yardage Pro
Garmin eTrex Mariner
     Golf Carts

Rentals Click on link to see ALL available rentals.
Rentals Available
Furnished Villa w/ Golf Cart in Lynnhaven

          3-Bedroom Ranch on Cul-de-sac for January & February

Residents Recommend If a price is mentioned in the recommendation, it may not be the current rate for service. Always check for the latest rate and get a quote ahead of time.

Useful Internet Links
Medical References
          Wrong Diagnosis
          Health eNotes
    Prescription Drugs

Keeping Your Pet Secure in the Car

     Moving with Pets

How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog
Find 1-800 Numbers for Any Company


Useful Information
      Learning Resources for Seniors
     Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
     Driving the Roundabouts

Village Helper John McCormick
Caution Bobcat in the Neighborhood
          Don't leave pets unattended on screened porch or lanai
Coyotes Spotted

Crime Watch Protect Yourself, Your Money & Your Identity   Click on link to see ALL potential threats.
Package Delivery Scam New
Tech Support Scams
 Pop-up Warning About a Virus on Your Computer
              Dangerous New Ransomware Strikes Back

Phone Scams
Cyber Criminals Target You Through Text Messages
How to Spot Phone Scams: The Ultimate Guide
Phishing Scams
AARP's Fraud Watch

Watch Out for Social Media Scams
              Are You at Risk for Investment Fraud?
           Timeshare Resale Scams
                Timeshare Reselling Companies
Tips for Safe Shopping on Amazon.com
FTC Scam Alerts
Equifax Isn't Calling You
   Equifax Data Breach: What to Do
           Make-A-Wish Charity Scam
Fake Publishers Clearing House Scams
Fake Debt Collectors
Fake Check Scams
Western Union Settlement Email Scam
           Pop-up Warning About a Virus on Your Computer
Online Ads for Luxury Items at Low Prices

FBI E-scams & Warnings (The following are just a few of the scams and warnings on the website.)
      Social Security & Medicare Scams



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