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About This Website
      Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

A Country Night in Nashville (click on flier on the right) to benefit Operation Shoebox. New

AAUW Fundraiser Music of the Night New

Faraday Bags to protect Fob & Credit Cards New

Neighborhood Alert: Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt New
     The Lynnhaven South AED Program Let new & returning residents know about this program.
          Lynnhaven South AED Program Update
              Thank You from Nancy King
                    Sad News Hal Sumner has Passed.

Golf Cart Towing with AAA
Video Streaming Apps Downloading Malware

Ladies Book Club 1st Thursday of the month
Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn in February
January Educated New
Books We'll Be Reading in 2020
Free or Discounted Books
     Books for Children
50 Books A Child Should Read Before Kindergarten
Websites for Readers


Lynnhaven Neighbors Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month
     Haulin' Notes & Subs in February New
Survey The Fabulous Petrina Please take the survey while the event is fresh in your mind. Thank you. New
    Survey Results November's Horse Races & KFC
Events in 2020
Have an Idea for an Event or Entertainment?

            Looking Back at in 2019
Mark Leiphart is accepting dues for 2020.
What do Your Dues Provide and Support?
FREE Computer Service to Members

     Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 20
About the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council
                    Lynnhaven Neighbors By-Laws
                Monthly Socials

Welcome Letter for New Neighbors (Click on link to open letter.) Please print & share when you see a new neighbor move in! Updated

Lynnhaven Ladies 2nd Thursday of the month
The LaLiPops in March
January Ric Mitchell & His Majority Rules Game New
Coming Up in 2020 Updated
Do YOU have a Program or Trip to Suggest?
Looking Back at 2019
     Membership in Lynnhaven Ladies Marion Getzes is accepting dues for 2020.
The Club supports...
          Helping Hands Women helping Women
          Wildwood Food Pantry
          Operation Shoebox

     Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2019 & 2020
The Club's Purpose & By-Laws

The Landscape Garden Club
Roses THIS Monday, January 20th
          Plant Give Away Table Updated

New Vision for Independence (VIP) For the visually impaired & their caregivers.
New Vision News

Please Donate to New Vision

          Shop AmazonSmile & Support New Vision
          Support New Vision When Renewing Your Tags

     Take the EyeOpener Tour
     Blind & Beyond Radio
     For the Visually Impaired:
The Villages Support Group

           Call-in Support Group
           Free Independent Living Classes
           Training Workshops


Lost & Found Click on link to see ALL items, lost or found.
     Lost Tan Army Cap & Golfbuddy New
Lost Golf Range Finder New
Found Char-Broil Grill Cover New
The Villages Lost & Found
Lost or Found Pet

Special Requests Can you help? Click on link to see ALL requests for help or recommendations.
House Cleaners Needed
Driver Needed
Rental for February 2020 Wanted
Rental for April May 2020 Wanted
Used & Clean Mascara Brushes Being Collected
Empty Prescription Bottles Being Collected

The Marketplace Click on link to see ALL that is advertised.
FREE Baby Equipment New
     Furniture & Home Decor

          Green Desk Chair
          New 9' x 9' Stainmaster Remnant
          12-Place Savoir Vivre Tableware
          Kirby Vacuum New
          Golf Rangefinder New
          Bohemian Wine Glasses
          Geisha Dolls
          Fostoria Crystal Punch Bowl Set
     Bicycles & Golf Carts
Enclosed-cab Club Car
Mountain Bike

           2 BR 2 Bath Collington Villas Home

     Rental Wanted for February 2020

     Where to Look for Rentals
     Rentals Available Click on link to see ALL available rentals listed.
          Designer Home Available in January 2020
          Chester Court Villa w/ Golf Cart Available Due to illness, this rental is available January 15th January 31st at $75 a night or $1500 for half month.
          Blake Lane Villa w/ Golf Cart Available Updated
          Southern Oaks Villa Available June 1st
          2/2 Patio Villa Available Starting May 1st

Useful Information Click on link to see ALL information listed.

Golf Cart Towing with AAA
Florida Consumer eNewsletter (Latest Issue)
'Tis the Season (To not get hacked!)
4 Things To Do Before Upgrading Your Phone

Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home
Making the Move to Assisted Living  
Urgent Care or Emergency Room?
          Recycling Drop-Off Points

          Recycling Old Phonebooks

Useful Internet Links Click on link to see ALL information in this section.
Weather Websites
Local Websites & News
     Federal Websites
     State Websites
     Medical Information Websites
          Wrong Diagnosis
          Prescription Drugs

Crime Watch Click on link to see ALL potential threats.
          Move Your Voice-Assist Devices Away from Windows
SIM Swap Scam: How to Protect Yourself
     AARP Fraud Watch
Veterans in the Crosshairs
          Keeping Digital Identity Safe
          Stay Cyber
Tech Support Scams

FREE Credit Freezes

     FTC Consumer Scam Alerts

          Vets, Service Members, and Fraud
          FTC More information About This Problem
          SIM Swap Scam: How to Protect Yourself

Video Streaming Apps Downloading Malware
          Ways to Stop Unwanted Calls on Your Cell
Keep Tech Support Strangers Out of Your Computer (w/ Video)
Tech Support Imposter Scams (w/ Video)
FBI Alerts & Warnings

          FBI Press Room

          Various Methods That Defraud Elderly Victims
          Cyber Actors Exploit "Secure" Websites

Internet Crime Schemes
Internet Crime Prevention Tips

You & Your Computer
How to Copy an Email Address
     How to Save a Picture from the Website
     How to Copy & Paste Text or Pictures

Services Recommended by Residents





Submissions & Posting Requests Deadline

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