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Websites for Readers

Recently, one of our members shared a couple of websites she had just found about books. I realized that not only was I aware of those websites, but others as well, and I should share those with you. As a result, I put together a brief list of websites I follow and what info they have that you may find helpful. I'm attaching it to this email for your consideration.
  • BOOK BUB — Daily emails with ebook specials.
  • — A website/tool for readers. Keep track of books you’ve read, read reviews of books, find discussion questions, "friend" others and keep track of what they’re reading, get recommendations based on your preferences, enter giveaways, and get a daily email with specials.
  • BOOK PAGE — An online version of the monthly magazine you may pick up at the library, featuring book reviews, contests, interviews with authors, etc. They also send a
  • EARLY BIRD BOOKS — Daily newsletter of ebook deals. Almost always includes one free special, usually a classic.
  • BOOK PERK — A promotional service of Harper Collins, sends a daily email of ebook deals.
  • NEW IN BOOKS — Weekly email with info on newest books in the genres you specify when you sign up.
  • READ IT FORWARD — Weekly email with suggestions for your next book. The website contains author interviews, book reviews, and other info for reading fanatics.
  • AMAZON — Daily emails of kindle specials.
  • BOOK MOVEMENT — A website resource for book clubs. We have a page on this site, and everyone should have received an invitation to become a member (long time ago, unless you are new to the club). If you need another invite, please let me know.
  • BOOK SHOUT — An online store where you can buy, and read on your computer, ebooks.
  • LIT LOVERS — An online community for readers, with book reviews, discussion questions, book summaries.
  • READING GROUP CHOICES — A website that partners with publishers, bookstores, libraries and authors to develop resources to enhance the shared reading group experience.
  • FICTION DB — A website resource for readers, with recommendations, reviews, etc.
  • FANTASTIC FICTION — A website that enables you to check, by author, for lists of that author’s works.

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