Club Makes Its Annual Donation
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Book Club Makes its 2022 Donation

Before each meeting of the Ladies Book Club, an envelope is passed around so members can make a donation to the club's Books for Children reading fund. Many of our members are retired teachers and know that reading is fundamental, laying the foundation for a child's success in school and in life. Donations are strictly voluntary and people can put in whatever amount they want. Eileen Roberta holds the donations and provides an update on the total amount donated so far at the beginning of each month's meeting. At the end of the year, the fund is closed out and a new fund is started in January.

One of the club's leader's contacts Jeanne Lively, Sumter County Social Worker for the school district's Pre-K Program, called Jump Start to K (Kindergarten). She attends our February meeting to accept our donation from the previous year. This year, it was Thursday, February 2nd, with 26 members in attendance. Eileen presented Jeanne with a check for $655.

Jeanne thanked us all profusely and told us how much the money means. Their classes are overflowing. Last month they opened two new Pre-K classrooms, and this month they were opening two more, and they're still crowded and demand keeps growing. The program is open to 3 4 year olds with delayed development, who need a jump start to be accepted into Kindergarten. There are some special needs kids, as well.

Reading is vital, and the program attempts to start young and instill a love of reading in the children, and for parent's to understand the importance of reading to their children's development, to read to them and encourage reading at home. In classes for people about to become parents, they provide materials to help new parents understand the importance of reading to their children, starting as early as possible to instill a love of books in them.

As the social worker, she has been called in numerous times to help families whose homes burned down, left homeless and having lost everything. She brings them clothing and other supplies to help them start over, and includes a book for the children so they have something new and all their own as the family rebuilds their lives. Our donation also buys books for the children enrolled in the program, and buys a book that each can take home and keep.

She assured us that our donations are put to good use and are sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Jeanne, for the update.

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