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Next meeting:  Thursday, December 7th
Discussing:  Annual Morning with Local Authors, Holiday Luncheon & Secret Santa

The Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club meets

  1st Thursday of each month
  10:00 a.m.

  Churchill Street Recreation Center

Come and join us at our next meeting and bring someone new with you. Remember, you do not have to have read the book or finished it to attend the monthly meeting. It's fun just hearing what others think about a particular book or author... and fun just being together and enjoying each other's company and our lively discussions.

We hope you will join us.  We can promise you... none of our discussions are boring.  For more information about the club, contact Peg Tabor (click on link to get Peg's email address or call 205-7261).

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Morning with Local Authors, Holiday Luncheon & Secret Santa in December Let Peg know if you'll be attending. Updated

November Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter New
     Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson

Books We'll Be Reading in 2018 Updated
Months Remaining: May, July, August, October & November Pick a book and a month and if no one has beaten you to it, you get them.
     Books Needing a Discussion Leader New
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Join the Book Movement Website for meeting reminders and more.

Books for Children Fund
     50 Books A Child Should Read Before Kindergarten
     A Click a Day for Child Literacy

Morning w/ Local Authors, Holiday Luncheon & Secret Santa in December

Our annual Morning with Local Authors, followed by our Christmas Luncheon & Secret Santa wraps up the year. We'll have three local authors join us in the morning to discuss their books, writing, publishing... whatever they want to talk about. Our luncheon will be at Hacienda Hills Country Club this year. We've eaten there before and they've done a good job in accommodating us. And... it's tradition... we'll have our secret-Santa wrapped, used-book exchange for extra fun.

We will meet at Churchill at 10:00 a.m. as usual, but instead of discussing a book, we will have three local authors come and briefly talk to us about their writing and books.

Afterward, we'll head out for our annual Holiday luncheon, where we can order off the menu and get separate checks.

Leave Churchill about 11:30 a.m.
Reservation for 12 Noon
Hacienda Hills Country Club

After we eat, we'll have our Secret Santa used-book exchange wrap up a used book that you enjoyed and think others will enjoy (paperback or hard cover), but not one that the club has already read & discussed, and Santa Peg will hand them out so we can unwrap them. If we've already read the book, there's usually somebody willing to swap. It's a tradition and lots of fun.

Don't have a used book that the club hasn't read and discussed? You can get a cheap used book at The Markets of Marion (open on the weekends only), All Booked Up in the Colony shopping center, or our local Library's books for sale room.

If you will be attending the luncheon, please contact Peg ASAP, but no later than Thursday, November 30th, so she can make our reservation.

Peg Tabor  (right click on link to get Peg's email address)

Please confirm by Monday, December 4th, so Peg can give the restaurant an accurate count on how many to set up for and expect.

Hope you can join us. It's our last get-together of 2017 and we ALWAYS have a wonderful time.

Join the Book Movement Website

Peg has set up the Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club page on the Book Movement website, which lists the books we'll be reading, the ballot for next year's suggestions, and to send members reminders of upcoming meetings. Members can also win free books for the group. The Book Movement website also provides discussion questions if you want to volunteer to lead a book discussion.

In order to get onto the Lynnhaven Ladies Book Club page, you must receive an invitation from Peg first. She will send you an invitation and you must accept it by clicking on the button. You can then create a Login & Password and have access to the website and get monthly reminders of upcoming meetings.

Peg Tabor (right click on link to get email address or call 205-7261).

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