Bobcat in the Neighborhood
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Thanks to Carol Hannigan for providing Sam Wartinbee's (click on link for email address), the District Property Manager's, email address in hopes that he can put something in motion so we don't have to fear for our pet's lives much longer.

See the information that Diane Davis passed along concerning the District Property Manager's and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's position on wild, predatory animals in our neighborhood, and the number to call to report ALL sightings.

Caution Don't leave your pets out and be careful when walking your pet
     Don't leave pets on the screened porch or lanai

     Preventing Conflicts
     How to Handle a Bobcat Encounter

Don't leave your pets out and be careful when walking your pet

Just thought I would let you know so you could put the word out there. There was a Bobcat in our back yard last night (Sunday, September 27th). Took a picture of it. Community Service verified that it was a Bobcat (click on link for more information about bobcats) and Conservation, and they saw it after it left my yard. They said they don't normally attack people but they will go after small animals. Don't leave any food around, including bird feed, to discourage them. And if you see one, do something to scare them like banging a pan or blowing a horn.

Need to watch out for our little four-legged babies and keep them safe.

Rita Segnatelli

We Have Other Wild Critters, Too

Remember, there have been many sightings of foxes and coyotes in our area, as well. Bears have been sighted too, but not in Lynnhaven... so far....

See the information passed along by Diane Davis about coyote sightings.

Update Don't leave pets on screened porch or lanai

Sad news. Family cat killed on screened in lanai last night (Saturday, October 3rd). Cat had gone out on the lanai and the bobcat jumped through the screen and carried the pet off. The couple never heard a thing. Needless to say, the family was devastated. I heard that someone else in Swainwood Villas lost their cat in the same way, and Carole Hannigan also heard that someone on Livingston Loop lost both their cats at one time. Screens are no deterrent to a hungry carnivore.
Then, there was a coyote that snatched a small dog before the owner knew what happened in Ashland. And we all read about the dog that was snatched by a coyote in Glenview a week or so ago, when the man was giving his dog last call late at night.
The greatest danger is at dusk and dawn, although coyotes have snatched dogs after dark and late at night. Carole carries hornet spray with her to act like mace when she walks her dog. Carrying something that will make a loud noise may scare off a predator eyeing your pet (e.g., a can with some coins in it to make a clatter, a noisemaker or air horn, etc.)... something you can activate almost immediately since you often don't know a predator is there until it's almost on your pet, and it takes a few seconds to realize what is happening.

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     Preventing Conflicts
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