Ann Lewe's Birthday Party
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Ann Lewe Celebrates her XX Birthday & Goes Big

Picture of the Puzzle that Jack made & Clark signed added (scroll down to end).

Ann had a big birthday coming up and she wanted to go big. Her daughter, Kim, made the invitations and shipped them to Ann so she could send them out. Some were delivered without any problem, but a bunch were rejected for more postage. The party was planned for Sunday, October 22nd, at Savannah Center. She also arranged for her very favorite performer here in The Villages... the fabulous, awesome, fantastic... Clark Barrios to entertain her guests.

Ann stood door duty for quite a long time, greeting her guests as they arrived, with beau Ray or daughter Kim sometimes at her side and she'd introduce them. There was a Guest Book nearby and a basket for cards. Friends greeted each other and found a place to sit. There was plenty of wine available (Ann's favorite drink... and ours), with a red and a white at each table, with more near the back of the room, along with ice water, iced tea and lemonade.

If guests didn't already know Ann's family members, they got a chance to meet them. Kim had flown in to help her mother with the arrangements and brought her sweetheart with her. Ann's son Bob flew in with his wife and son to celebrate his mother's very special birthday. Kim and Bob mingled with the guests, as well. Ray's daughter, her husband and their daughter made it to the happy celebration, too. Once everyone had arrived, Ann could relax and was able to get off her feet and enjoy some time with her family, but not for too long.

Ann welcomed everyone and introduced all her significant others, who had come to make her birthday extra special, and she thanked all her close neighbors who helped her with everything. Dinner was catered by Pasta Faire and the servers were ready, so tables started going up to get their food. As the servers were clearing the tables, guests were invited to get a cupcake for dessert, and Clark got ready to perform, but first, he had a special gift for Ann. She was bewildered about what it could be, but Clark asked Jack Warner to come up and present his gift a custom-made puzzle, with a collage of pictures of Clark, her favorite performer. Clark had even signed it for Jack beforehand. Needless to say, she LOVED it!

It was party time, so Clark got the show on the road. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Ann, then Ann and Ray had the first dance. Clark sang all of Ann's favorite songs that evening. One of those favorites was the Frankie Valli song, "Sherry Baby", and our own Cherie baby got up and danced to her song. There was something for everyone... slow and fast music, line dances. A conga line formed during one song, and a chorus line, too. Not to be outdone, some of the guys formed their own chorus line.

Ann loves a party and this was an extra special one. As always, it was a fabulous party and Ann had a great time. Happy Birthday, Ann, and thanks for sharing with all your bridge buddies, close friends and neighbors, and family.

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