Lynnhaven South AED Program
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Lynnhaven South AED Program
(Livingston Loop & Evelynton Loop)

Dear Neighbors:

The Lynnhaven South AED Program is in place and active! The new program encompasses all Livingston Loop and Evelynton Loop areas. Thanks to so many of you who have contributed! We were able to purchase 10 AEDs. Our goal was to place the AEDS strategically throughout the area so each house is within 850 feet of an AED. However, we are still collecting funds to meet the budget for the next four years.

We have 58 Responders who will help when there is a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) anywhere within our community. Our goal is to respond within 60-90 seconds to begin CPR and use an AED, if indicated. The average time for EMS arrival from our Parr Street station is seven minutes. Two minutes after a SCA, the chance of survival drops 10% without CPR. We have several Responder snowbirds and are looking for substitutes for them during their absence. If you are willing to help for six months during the summer months, please let us know.

To increase chances of survival, we have decided to include our entire area even though there were a few places where people decided not to contribute. Because the system is based on streets and house numbers, we don’t want to leave any area out. We want to provide as much protection to everyone whether they are walking, riding a bike, working in their yard, or in their home.

We are hoping to have many more residents contribute. Make checks to Lynnhaven South AED Program. Our budget is based on everyone contributing $105 for four years, but many residents have contributed $125 or more to help people who are unable to give the full amount.

If you have any questions or are willing to be a Responder during the summer, please email Marcia Lucas (click on link for email address) or call 352-268-2849 or 678-575-7512.

Checks may be mailed to or dropped off at one of the following homes:

  • Fran & Ralph Helwig  (click on link for email address)
    752 Evelynton Loop
  • Mary Eill  (click on link for email address)
    2474 Richardson Road
  • Marcia Lucas  (click on link for email address)
    2616 Sag Harbor Way
    678-575-7512 or

For those of you who want an AED program on your streets, I will help you in any way I can. Please contact me.

Marcia Lucas