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About the Lynnhaven Village Website

The Lynnhaven Village website address is http://lynnhavenvillage.org/.

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Thanks to Lynnhaven Neighbors

Once again, thanks to Lynnhaven Neighbors for renewing this website's domain name (website address: lynnhavenvillage.org) and its hosting on the Internet (a service that makes this website available online). Thank you, Lynnhaven Neighbors.

(Starting October 1st, Lynnhaven Neighbors will be accepting memberships for 2020.)

This website provides information about activities and issues that concern residents of the Village of Lynnhaven. The website is not a source of free advertising for businesses, agents, other commercial enterprises, or those from other villages. This is a service to our Lynnhaven residents.

As a service to our village and community, the Lynnhaven Neighbors club pays for the website's domain name (website address) and hosting the website (a service that makes it available online). Thank you, Lynnhaven Neighbors for keeping this website going.

The website/newsletter is published on Friday nights. If you'd like something published on the website, you must have it to me no later than Wednesday.

The website is intended to:

  • Provide a venue for communicating with residents and building a sense of community.
  • Keep you informed about Lynnhaven groups & their activities, as well as groups and activities of groups that Lynnhaven residents are involved with your link to your neighborhood & Lynnhaven friends whether here or away.
  • Provide a place for residents to post notices that The Villages will not permit at or near the Lynnhaven mailboxes or bulletin board.
  • Provide other resident services:
    • Online Bulletin Board for our various Lynnhaven groups, as well as activities of interest to Lynnhaven residents.
    • Lost & Found web page and emails should you find or lose something.
    • Special Requests to ask other residents for their help or for an item that is needed.
    • Marketplace where Lynnhaven residents can sell items, as well as a
      • Rentals web page where Lynnhaven residents can find Lynnhaven rentals for visiting friends and family, or where Lynnhaven residents can post a home for rent.
    • Services Recommended by Residents
    • Useful information to residents (e.g., area restaurants and reviews, reducing your homeowners or automobile insurance, pet sitting, severe weather).
    • Useful Internet Links (e.g., where to find the cheapest gas prices in our area; verifying hoaxes, scams & disinformation; homeowners association & government agencies, medical information, pet services & resources, Florida plants & gardening).
  • Regular e-mailings for Announcements (e.g., website updates available for viewing, deadline reminder for event approaching, etc.) or Alerts (e.g., lost keys, pet, etc.), and time-sensitive items of interest to Lynnhaven residents.

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Barbara Kalmin  (click on link for email address)
Lynnhaven Webmaster