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Welcome to Our Lynnhaven Website

This website provides information about activities and issues that concern residents of the Village of Lynnhaven and a venue for communicating with residents, having fun, meeting our neighbors, and building a sense of community.

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Goodbye & Subscribe to New Distribution List

This is the last update I will be making to this website (4/7/2023). I am finally retiring... yes, really... after doing the website for almost 19 years now. And the Village of Lynnhaven email address (lynnhavenvillage@gmail.com) will soon be discontinued. Thank you for all the support you've provided over the years. It has been my pleasure to serve and get to know you.

If you want to spread the word about an upcoming Lynnhaven club or charity event, please direct all requests to:

Leesa Willis  (click on link for email address)


And, please change the Lynnhaven Village email address in
your emails Address Book to Leesa's email address.

However, the new MailChimp email platform that Leesa will be using does not permit importing everyone's email addresses from another email platform like the one I used using the Google Groups email platform; the email distribution list software is not compatible.  So... if you wish to continue receiving Lynnhaven news and entertainment information, you MUST subscribe to the new distribution list (Click on link to go to the subscription form the image on the right is an illustration only; you cannot subscribe from the image if you open it).

Please spread the word to all your friends and neighbors, especially to residents of Lynnhaven who don't belong to the Lynnhaven Neighbors club, since those were the only ones who received the email announcing this change with a link to the form. Thank you.

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The Lynnhaven Village website address is http://lynnhavenvillage.org/.
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